Need your method, have no money

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Benita Cantieni
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Re: Need your method, have no money

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Hi Khat

Thank you for your reply.

There is indeed an english e-book, yes: "Tigerfeeling – The Perfect Pelvic Floor Training For Him And Her", Benita Cantieni, Verlag Südwest

Check it in the online bookstores. It contains the basic of the CANTIENICA® body in evolution Vivatomy. Many people tell us, that the book changed their life. It depends on your way of learning.

Maybe there is a version in Romanian, we lost count of the translations (Lithuanian, Polish, Czech we know of). The English title "Tigerfeeling" stays in all languages.

Also check our english homepage, there you find tons of free materials:

All the best, your C® team
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Need your method, have no money

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Dear Benita Cantieni,

I've watched your interview with Maria at Dental Health Summit and you've touched my Heart.
My name is Anamaria Sanduta , I am 47 and I live in Romania.
I 've always known that our body is our great Teacher and our best friend.
I am struggling with a terrible migraine from 12 years and I cannot find its root.

My body tells me that I am using it unproperly.
I' ve read about Alexander technique and I've tried to implement in my live some of his directions.
I saw you have an Introduction Basic course for 6 weeks. Unfortunately I cannot afford to pay the whole fee.
I wanted to ask you if you have some grants where I can apply?

Or do you have an English Ebook to buy where I can learn some principles?I know that from a book it is not the same process of deconditioning old patterns of movements as it would be in a 6 weeks training, but I don’t manage to pay the whole 147$.

Thank so much for your interview and for your great work!🙏🙏

Sincerely, Khat