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Re: Tigerfeeling E-book

Verfasst: Fr 15. Nov 2019, 08:33
von Import
I bought the Tiger Feeling book. I'm really enjoying it!

Re: Tigerfeeling E-book

Verfasst: So 21. Okt 2018, 05:23
von Benita Cantieni
Hi there

Very sorry that you find the book so bad. And yes, every word could be explained. If the interpretor says that every native english speaking person knows the expression humerus head for the upper arm ball I tend to believe. And I explain at length in the introduction why my method uses a unique vocabulary and why the reader has to be willing to engage with an effort.

And yes, not every-one likes to learn from books. (I know 90-year old people who are excited readers and train with the books very successfully.) There is a DVD in which I explain the necessities with 3-D models of the pelvic floor, the micro movements visible in videos. You find it in the shop.

However, I hope you found a equivalent for the Tigerfeeling Pelvic Floor for your mother. Please tell me. I know of nothing comparable. Working with 13 physiotherapists at present in Lituania and what I teach is new them.

And, the CANTIENICA® method goes way beyond Tigerfeeling. What you get in an authorised studio cannot be compared. The books are simplified and created for self-study.

Best, BC

Tigerfeeling E-book

Verfasst: Mo 15. Okt 2018, 09:49
von Import
Hi there,

i just purchased this book,in english as an e-book,and in german as a hardcover for my 80 year old mom.

As i start reading it, i have to say i understand fully what benefit the exercises can have, but it feels like the book is only written to make one go book a class with an instructor,as there is no way, an untrained person can follow the instructions.

The layout of the book is very poorly done, many exercises i have to go to the next page to find the image that goes with it, rather than keeping it on the same page,as well as there could be more images to explain what the exercise should look like.

Many expressions i don`t understand,and cannot find in the glossary, like humeral head.So i need to study online, many of the names that are not explained in the book.

It would be really beneficial if there was either a version where everything would be explained in layman terms, or if there would be a video sequence to back up the book, where it is easy to follow.

I live in Indonesia,and have no specialist in Cantienica technique close by.

The book was clearly written to advertise the technique, rather than a book aiming to help woman ti improve.

I don`t think my mom will ever be able to follow this book and i regret sending it to her, now i need to find another book for her, that she can follow.

It`s a real petty,as i believe you do have a great technique.