Pectus Carinatum

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Dear V. E.

Yes, I have successfully worked with Pectus Carinatum (vulgo keel chest). I follow the same principles as in the treatment of Scoliosis: We expand especially the cartilage parts of the ribs, thus activating, rotating, expanding all joints (each rib pair owns six joints!), all core muscles, most important the thoracic diaphragm. Needless to say: every exercise includes the whole body, from toe to top, as all structures are involved.

The exercises have to be customized to the needs of the individual, in this case your son. We are all unique, and growth disorders or postural deviations make us even more unique – so to say.

My criticisms of braces and operations in such cases: they work on the surface, not in the bone structures or core musculature, and they do not influence the underlying cause. I don't know anybody who got cured for life through such interventions.

What can you do, what can we do – I cannot train your trainer. But I can analyze the situation with your boy online, find exercises he likes and can handle in everyday life. Online is fantastic because the sessions can easily be recorded and your son can watch it as often as he wants. If you are interested in this option please contact for details and possible dates.

And just to be sure: Don't expect a quick fix. It takes discipline and regular training to re-form bones and keep them re-formed.

Best, Benita
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Pectus Carinatum

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Dear, Benita,

I am writing to ask for your insight and opinion on our particular case. Our 13 year old son has Pectus Carinatum. About two years ago we noticed that right side of his chest became sunken. He grew a lot over the last three years and is 185 cm at the moment. We went to see a doctor, who recommended a surgery. We declined and went on to search for other opinions. Then we found doctor Sam Welsley, who works in London Orthotic Consultancy and treats patients using braces. This method is based on the idea of compression. Our son has been wearing these braces for almost 10months now but we haven't noticed much change in the shape of his chest. Recently we have discovered Cantienica method and have found a trainer working in Lithuania, where we live. The trainer recommended that we contact you and ask your opinion on our sons case. Have you worked with anyone who had Pectus Carinatum? Or heard of Cantienica method being used in such cases? Are there any other particular therapies/exercises that you would recommend in our sons case?

Thank you so very much, V.E.